Sunday Dinner

Now that the Internet is up and running, I’d like to take a second to recollect on some of the delicious dishes we’ve tried so far in Singapore. To put it in context, I’m not big on trying new foods. I stick to the basics at home – hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken, etc. – and I’d pick pizza over Chinese any day. Needless to say, I was a little apprehensive knowing that I would be living off of Asian food for the next 21 days and anticipated that McDonald’s would become my best friend while abroad, but I was pleasantly surprised.

On our first day in Singapore, after we got situated in our dorms, we took the MRT to a Hawker Center for a family-style dinner. It was almost like the food courts you see in malls, but prices were cheap (S$3-5) and portions were plenty. Put it this way, we each got one thing to share and we had a ton of leftovers.

We started off with drinks – fresh lime juice and sugar cane. The lime juice was a little more tart than lemonade, but very refreshing. The sugarcane drink was something I’ve never experience before. It was served over ice, and was somewhat viscous, but very sweet. I really liked it a lot – so much that I order it every chance I get.

As for the main course, we enjoyed a nice spread. I ordered the spicy black carrot cake, which isn’t at all like the dessert back home. It’s made with fried egg and radishes, and apparently the black variety is sweeter than the white. We also ordered seafood fried rice and pineapple fried rice. Both were delicious. The green curry chicken almost reminded me of fennel soup and the chicken satay that Dr. Glass ordered was out of this world! The satay was served on wooden skewers like kabobs, with a peanut dipping sauce that I would highly recommend. Finally, the fried kway teow was a classic. It’s basically a noodle dish and a must-try since it’s available almost everywhere. The only one that the group wasn’t 100% satisfied with was the rojak salad (which isn’t a salad in the western sense). My only complaint was the sauce. I’m not too big on sauces and if I can remember right, it was a little too sweet for me, but don’t take my word, it’s one of those things you have to try yourself – kind of like the fish head porridge which I’ll get to before the end of this trip, I promise.

After our first dinner together, I realized that food in Singapore is an experience. There are so many things I can’t wait to try, and this is coming from a picky eater, mind you. By the end of the trip, I hope to have pretty comprehensive list of reviews – with pictures if I can figure out how to upload them. Right now, I’m on a hunt for the best sweets in Singapore so stay tuned in the coming days for more updates!



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