The Southern Ridges (now with pictures!)

Sunday was our free day, so Aileen, Dr. Glass and I walked the Southern Ridges, a 10 kilometer hike through Singapore garden and forest. The entrance to the trail was in Kent Ridge Park, just a 15-20 minute walk from campus. The trail was aptly named, and though hikers who want an authentic experience may be disappointed, we were happy for the stairs built into the hillsides to make the trek a bit easier. Despite the stairs, with the sun beating down and Singapore’s signature humidity enveloping us, I wouldn’t go as far as to call the hike easy.

The first hike highlight was the Canopy Walk where we were led to believe we’d see monkeys. As it turned out, we were lucky to spot squirrels and birds. Either the monkeys have picked up and moved to greener pastures canopies, or the signs saying “Please don’t feed the monkeys” were just posted to make us think we’d see some.

Fortunately the land bridges, which weren’t limited to the Canopy Walk, made up for the lack of animal sightings by giving us tons of wonderful views in all directions. Throughout the course of our hike we walked at heights between 3 and 36 meters above the ground. (Hooray for Aileen facing her fear of heights!)

Land bridge on the Canopy Walk

Entrance ramp to the Forest Walk

The main attraction and motivation for our excursion was the Henderson Waves, the highest land bridge in Singapore. The bridge was designed with undulating waves along one side, creating a series of alternating resting places and photo opportunities – we took advantage of both!

Peeking through the edge of the Henderson Waves

View off the Henderson Waves

Aileen and me on the Henderson Waves

We were all beat by the time we got to the Waves, but it was only a few kilometers further to the end of the trails, so we forged on all the way to the VivoCity mall at the HarbourFront where we ate a well-deserved “linner” before taking the ~5 minute ride on the MRT to get us right back where we started. Phew!

– Abby


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