Batik Sarongs, KL style

On a tour of some of Malaysia’s unique products we stopped by the Daisy Batik studio, where they make beautiful hand painted sarongs, scarves, and paintings using an ancient technique. A man who works there walked us through the multiple step process of drawing designs with a mixture of wax and resin, dyeing, painting, coloring, stamping, and boiling just to make a single Batik piece of art.

At the Daisy Batik Studio

He then showed us a few different ways to tie them! He went a little too fast for us to follow but the sarongs did come with an instruction booklet. Below I’ll show you a couple ways to properly tie and wear a sarong, Kuala Lumpur style.

Sarong Dress

The Sarong Halter

Sarong Skirt

The Sarong Skirt Style

Sarong Keyhole Dress

Sarong Keyhole Dress

Here’s some pictures of the city!

The Petronas Towers

Bukit Bintang Street

The Pavillion Mall

The Jarong Petaling Market

Kuala Lumpur is a rapidly growing, diverse city and I’ve really been enjoying my time here. Can’t wait to see another side of Malaysia when we visit Georgetown in Penang!




  1. Frank Apicella · · Reply

    Awesome pics daughter. You look great and the dress is beautiful. Hope you’re having a great time. On a trip myself visiting friends. Flew to Florida then traveled by car to North Carolina. Mom’s holding the fort. Will be home next week. Keep those pics coming! Dad

    1. Thanks Frank!!! Glad you’re enjoying the blog and cant wait to show you the full set of pictures when I get back!!

  2. Nice pics indeed. I would love to see pictures on how they create the designs on the sarongs. I’m really loving that 2nd sarong at the Daisy Batik Studio.

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