Durian Durian

No, this is not the Malaysian/Singaporean cover-band for Duran Duran.

Instead, our talents lie in the creation of all things durian. In the hours that the five of us have spent waiting in airports and hotel lobbies we’ve come to see the durian market as an untapped gem. For the past two weeks we’ve been witness to the fruit’s abundance at street markets, and its abundance in the form of candies at grocery stores. We’ve also been witness to the discrimination against the fruit, most recently at our hotel in Penang where durians were forbidden.


The anti-durian sentiment persists

Our aim is to redefine the way Malaysians and Singaporeans regard the native fruit through a very extensive product line. Products offered include: durian scented or flavored – chapstick and lip gloss, toothpaste and mouthwash, perfume and cologne, hand soap, air freshener, shampoo and conditioner, dessert wine and beer, candles, sunscreen, scratch and sniff stickers, deodorant, laundry detergent, cough syrup and other medications, coffee creamer, fluoride, tobacco, markers, stamps and envelopes, baby powder, and garbage bags.

Durian Durian is only in its design phase of production but we have full confidence that the native opinion of the odorous fruit will change from one of simultaneous admiration and discrimination to one of pure admiration.


– Aileen


Note: All characters and business ideas appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, and companies, thriving or bankrupt, are purely coincidental.






  1. Dont forget the taxi/rickshaw freshener!! Essential.

  2. Durian flavored fluoride for my next teeth cleaning please!

  3. Susan Daney · · Reply

    So curious of it’s odor….. let alone it’s flavor??

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