The King of Fruits

We spent the afternoon with Mandy and Georgie yesterday and as promised, tried the infamous durian. They got it from a supermarket in Harbour Front, so after everyone finished their shopping, we had to go outside to eat it. It was a little intimidating at first, I’m not going to lie. Especially when Mandy said you have to pick up the fruit with a plastic bag because the smell even stains on your hands. There were two varieties – the sweet kind and the bitter kind. We wanted to try the bitter kind first with the hopes of being pleasantly surprised upon trying the sweet variety. After everyone had their piece and posed for pictures, it was the moment of truth.

Biting into the durian for the first time was not at all pleasant. The texture was so fleshy and the smell was overwhelming. However, if you just put the whole thing in your mouth and eat around the seed, it’s not as bad. The bitter variety tasted like straight onions with like a maple syrup after taste. It tasted exactly like the durian pudding I got in Aljunied. The sweet variety was not that bad though. It still had an onion-like taste, but it was not as over powering. It almost tasted like caramel. If the opportunity presented itself again, I would not try the bitter, I would probably eat the sweet, but I would seek out neither.


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