Pining for Penang

I know you all thought the trip was over and the blog posts would stop, but I finally have a reliable enough internet connection to post this, and I didn’t want you to miss out…

We flew from Penang to Singapore last Sunday, and by the time we landed I was already pining for a return to Georgetown. I completely agree with Patience – I found the people of Penang more friendly than those in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore and the streets and buildings full of a magical charm and authenticity we haven’t experienced elsewhere. I’m usually glued to my camera when I travel, but in Georgetown my desire to photograph everything went overboard; I saw everything as a perfect snapshot.

People and streets aside, one of the best parts of Penang was the food. I thought I’d share some of our meals for your vicarious enjoyment and my desire to re-taste every bite! Try not to drool on your keyboards.

Here’s the hawker we bought our seafood from at Esplanade Food Centre showing us our crabs before he cooked them.

Our plate of delicious black pepper crab

Ginger garlic prawns

Nasi goreng (spicy fried rice) and fresh lime juice in the background (our drink of choice for the entire three weeks)

The yummiest chicken satay & peanut sauce ever

Fried to order spring rolls from Red Garden hawker centre (one of our favorite places in Penang!)

Chicken rice and bean sprouts, a traditional South East Asian dish

Vegetable korma and garlic naan from our second night at Red Garden



  1. Katiée @ Ratatui.Me · · Reply

    I’m sure they’re delicious, but still, I can not eat this 😦

  2. Susan Daney · · Reply

    Can everyone hear Abby making noise as she eats? “yum, nom, nom, nom………..”

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