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A Visit to a Malaysian Doctor

On Thursday we visited Badan Warisan Malaysia, a non-governmental organization focused on the preservation and conservation of Malaysia’s heritage. At Badan Warisan Malaysia we toured a traditional Malay house. Although I greatly enjoyed learning about the history of this Malaysian house, I did not enjoy the Mosquitoes. I ended up getting large Mosquito bites on […]

Urban Studies fieldtrip: Google Glass ‘in the wild’

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“OK Glass – direct me to coffee” The end of day 3 of the Urban Studies fieldtrip – we’re in Kuala Lumpur, it’s hot and humid, and we are encouraging the students to use Google Glass and handheld video equipment to gather impressionistic street-level data in the different quarters (Chinese, Malay,…

Prestij Antarabangsa, Lokasi Strategik

The practice of using billboards to promote construction activities has become increasingly prevalent in and around the Kuala Lumpur City Center (KLCC) in the two years since the previous IFTA field course. Rather than simply screening a worksite these surfaces engender the global aspirations of each development, often featuring geographically ambiguous names like “Fennel” or […]

Critical Reflections on the Kuala Lumpur City Center

Upon arrival in Kuala Lumpur several differences in the city were immediately noticeable. As soon as you step off the plane there are places for Islamic prayer in the terminal. If one was not aware that Malaysia was an Islamic country the presence of these prayer centers affirms this fact. Once everyone was settled in, […]

*Central Oakland and A Taco

Here is the video made in an attempt to display the cultural identity of Central Oakland in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. It involves a taco. Check out the link:

2014 Singapore IFTA – Research & Field Study Sites

Using Google Glass for social science research…

Originally posted on sensory/motor:
Or, put another way: I am about to become a ‘glasshole’. A research grant co-authored with a colleague from Urban Studies, appropriately named Michael Glass, has meant we are awaiting delivery of a bunch of video-recording equipment along with one very new, very shiny Google Glass kit. Why for research…