Urban Studies fieldtrip: Google Glass ‘in the wild’

Originally posted to my blog sensory-motor.com


“OK Glass – direct me to coffee”

The end of day 3 of the Urban Studies fieldtrip – we’re in Kuala Lumpur, it’s hot and humid, and we are encouraging the students to use Google Glass and handheld video equipment to gather impressionistic street-level data in the different quarters (Chinese, Malay, Anglo, Arabic) in the city.


En route from Pittsburgh to KL, I did some more testing of Glass, where several long layovers encouraged experimentation. In Hong Kong airport for example, I hooked into the wifi network and was able to ask “OK Glass, direct me to a coffee shop” – and it did, serving up a map of the internals of the Terminal, giving walking directions to a cafe. Most impressive. But in Singapore airport (the vast and impressive Changi airport), the free wifi was offered through an intermediate page, and required a large amount of fiddling with settings on my Android phone: turning…

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