Monthly Archives: June 2014

There and back: Making the Singapore journey

As I lay comfortably on my family’s living room couch enjoying my time alone, I think back to my travels to and from Singapore. On May 22nd I caught a plane from Newark to Tokyo then from Tokyo to Singapore. When I arrived on my own in Singapore at around 12:30am I had to find […]

Saturday in Bishan

On Saturday June 7th, we had a free day to do whatever we pleased.  I took a few hours to visit the neighborhood of Bishan, which is the neighborhood of a vlogger whom I studied for my research paper on youth mobility in Singapore.  Bonny and I arrived in the neighborhood around 4PM.  The weather reached […]

Of Mangoes and Much More: Reflecting on the IFTA 2014

A week ago the 2014 IFTA to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur came to a close. Yet, I can firmly say that the memories from our two week visit to both nations will last for years to come. It seemed like a dream: I could have blinked and I would have totally missed my experience as […]

HDB Gallery

Today we visited the headquarters of the HDB. We first went downstairs to the HDB Gallery. The HDB Gallery was an exhibit displaying the amenities of Sinapore’s public housing system. We each had our own reaction to the museum of Singapore’s public housing but it was not the most memorable part for me. Upstairs from […]

First Morning at NUS

Today we met with two professors, Jamie Gillen and Tim Bunnell, at NUS for our first morning in Singapore.  Jamie has been teaching at NUS for the past few years but he has also taught at Miami of Ohio and Auburn University. His comparisons between his experiences teaching in the US compared to his time […]

White Team PowerPoint: Exploring Globalization and Westernization in 4 Neighborhoods

Below is a link to the White Team’s PowerPoint of which we used at our final research presentation to show some pictures and videos of the influence of globalization on a more visible Western identity in 4 neighborhoods: Chow Kit and Kampung Baru in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Little India and Geylang Serai in Singapore. […]

Sustainability of a city

After 10 days in Singapore, I become appreciate about the beauty of the city planning of Singapore. Singapore is definitely a “garden city”. From the airport to University town, the trees planted on three sides of the road that created a natural bridge surprised me. The Ficus Microcarpas along the road help to block the […]