The Singaporean


The Chinese often believe that the land around them shapes human beings. After these few days in Singapore, I have truly believed in this norm. According to my friend, people in Singapore are not allowed to pick up any bag from the street and hand it to anyone. Still, she has forgotten her phone or wallet in public spaces several times, but still got it back.

On the day before yesterday (Wednesday, June 3rd, 2014), I bought a prepaid SIM card from one mobile store in the Little India. I showed them my passport to make a record of buying a prepaid card, but somehow, I didn’t notice that the one card that was given by the immigration department fell out. Luckily, I was able to get it back by receiving a call from the shopkeeper informing me that my immigration card was left in his store. I was surprised about how polite and responsible he was. I didn’t notice that I lost my white card when I was on the way back to U-Town (university town).  At first, because I was just one station away from the Little India, I thought to definitely go back to see what I had left in that store, but when I saw it was the white card, I was shocked. The shopkeeper said that he knew it was there responsibility that his employee did not give it back to me and asked me to forgive it. I was really appreciative of what he had done, and surprised that he called me.

This experience made me think that Singapore has a great education system, and people are rooted with great norms.



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