The Little Things/ Why The F*** Doesn’t America Do This?

Through out our trip to Singapore I have noticed some small similarities between the two countries. On the subway, small children run around as if it were a public playground while parents chastise them for acting out in public. Food at the zoo is over-priced and underwhelming and students lose their ID cards and get locked out of their dorms.

Some of the differences, on the other hand, leave you scratching your head and asking yourself “Why the f*** doesn’t America do this?” For a country that  claims to be one of the most forward thinking and eco-friendly  the United States has seriously dropped the ball on some key issues that seem so natural in Singapore.

In the picture above you see one of the best examples of Singapore’s ecological efficiency. A large amount of parking garages (or carpark as they call them in Singapore, which is honestly way more fun to say) have parks or green roofs on top of them. This is something that you would never see in the United States. Without a shred of doubt in the United States you would see an extra level of parking on the top of the garage so 100 more cars can park which means more money coming in. It honestly baffles me that the United States does not do things like this, there is almost no reason not to. The park on top is better for the environment, makes people happier and adds a dimension of multiple uses to the car park.

I will play a little bit of devils advocate here: Singapore is a small island and the United States has a lot of green space, Singapore has had to do this out of necessity due to the countries rapid growth. But come on, lets have some foresight here and get it together.


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