Getting Our Feet Tickled by Fish

Today, seven of the eight of us decided to do something unusual: go to the Fish Spa. We were out and about along some of Singapore’s biggest shopping districts (Bugis Junction, Bugis Village, and Orchard Road) and Dr. Glass knew of a place where we could get the dead skin on our feet chewed off by little fish. Back in the United States, I treat myself to pedicures every two weeks and since I love having my toes done at home, I was really excited to experience fish on my feet…at first. As we approached the Fish Spa my heart began to pound and my nervousness set it.

After a few minor freak-outs, I finally started by putting my heels into the water. The fish were so ticklish! Dr. Glass described it as being like little electric shocks, Bonny said it felt funny, Max felt like his phone was on vibrate on his feet, while Rohan said it felt nice. Karly and I definitely had the most difficult time adjusting to the little fish biting our feet! You can hear our squeamish sound in the background of this video.  As time passed I actually enjoyed the tickly little vibrations on my feet. In the end, I left with my feet feeling smooth and refreshed!




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