Globalization influences in hotel industries

One day before to the IFTA program officially started, I have stayed in the Marina Bay Sands for one night. This blog post is showing my experiences with Sands in two different cities: Singapore and Macau.

Before comparing these two hotels, based on my consumption experience; the historical background that affect on these two cities could not be neglected to differentiate these two places. Both Macau and Singapore are post-colonial cities, however, their developments are distinctive. Singapore has developed into one of the four dragons in the Asia region and become of the most famous financial center in the world. On the other hand, Macau is moving toward its goal – the next Les Vegas in Asia. Also the regulation between these two cities are different, that make the development of these two places become ore distinctive to each other.

As a garden city, the Singapore Marina Bay Sands is famous by its Sky Garden. People are willing to pay 23 dollar to get up to the sky garden and see the unbelievable city view and harbor scene along with green plants. The sky garden in the Marina Bay sands is absolutely attracting. Karly and I had a wonderful evening beverage enjoying the sunset surround by music.


The two sides of the garden create an absolute opposition: One side is more natural; the other side is the view of the city. Ironically, the garden by the bay, which create a nice green and natural view is located on the reclaim land.However, watching from these two views, it still indicated me that Singapore has a lot of great planners that make everything so organized.


The rooms in these two hotels are different to each other in terms of architecture style. The Venetian Hotel decorated their room into medieval style and Marina Bay Sands is more modern. The architecture style these two hotels chose are based on it’s positioning to their targeted tourists. Compare Macau to Singapore, Macau Venetian did not have so many tourists’ attractions in its city itself. Their only attraction to tourists are casinos, therefore, it could be easy tell by comparing the following pictures that the hotel decoration in Venetian Hotel is so much better than the Marina Bay Sands. However, the beds are same. This small thing also shows the trend of globalization.

Image Image


I also went to the garden by the bays and enjoy the show of the sky trees. Meanwhile, there was a concert not far away from the garden by the bays. My friend told me, there are some room in the Marina bay Sands that allowed you to enjoy the concert privately. However, it is at least 700 dollar per room. But when I heard this I just wondering the noises create by the concert would definitely affect the residents across the highway. This problem has appeared in many different cities, but it surprised me that based on the previous visit to HDB and the construction of Singapore’s acoustic barriers, these should not be a problem.


Also I went to the Marina mall across the hotel. It surprised me there is also a canal in the mall, however, it is relatively small compare to Macau Venetian. These small is also relative small compare to the size of Venetian and the construction is much more modern too. Personally, I would like to shop in the Venetian rather than Marina mall, because I can also enjoy the arts along the street in Venetian. The sands corporation brings the whole and perfect view of Venice into Macau.

Based on my two previous experiences, I want to say that under the globalization, hotel industries can be illustrated as the product of the globalization. Corporations like Sands, Hilton, Sheraton and Hyatt are all over the world. In different location, the interior designs are no different. The Sands hotel in two different cities did not carry the local cultural elements to put into their design, these two hotels can absolutely built in any other cities other than Singapore and Macau.


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