Reflections in Transit

This morning, well I guess yesterday morning, depending where you are reading this from, I hopped on a bus on East Coast Road and set off for Kuala Lumpur, in order to catch my flight back to JFK Airport in New York City.

My immediate thought for the trip would be to take as many pictures as I could and just tell the story through that frame but then I began reflecting on the IFTA as a whole. How I made an argument a few days earlier about not seeing life through a lens, but experiencing it yourself. I took pictures when I could (and I promise, when I get back home I will update this post with a few) but I enjoyed just looking.

About 25 minutes from the Singapore/Malaysia border 5 children and a woman hopped on the bus, the drivers family. I would have been upset if it were a crowded bus with nowhere to sit but the cabin went from a total of 4 people to 11 and the children behaved excellently. Instead, I was entertained by Tom & Jerry DVD’s, a favorite as a kid/whatever “adult” title I may be portraying.

The first thing that struck me about the drive in was the amount of work being done. It felt as if every 20-30 minutes we would pass by another massive spot of land that had just been cleared of trees and leveled flat in order to prepare the ground for more expansion, it seemed infinite. Small farms, towns and one of the most massive burial sites I had ever seen were all passed on the way back to KL and it seemed like before I knew it we were driving past Putrajaya and into the city.

When I got off the bus it was around 6pm local time so I immediately walked to Jalan Alor. I was in autopilot, I knew what I wanted and where to get it. Within 15 minutes I had sat down, ordered my food and watched as confused white person after confused white person failed to walk past the waiters handing out menus.

When my food arrived it was just as delicious as I remembered KL being although, I ordered food I had gotten earlier on the trip and it seemed to taste a little different, one of the quirks of Jalan Alor. So there I sat, Tiger beer in hand, reflecting on the trip as a whole and all of the wonderful experiences I had in such a short period of time.

It was a wonderful trip.


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