HDB Gallery

Today we visited the headquarters of the HDB. We first went downstairs to the HDB Gallery. The HDB Gallery was an exhibit displaying the amenities of Sinapore’s public housing system. We each had our own reaction to the museum of Singapore’s public housing but it was not the most memorable part for me. Upstairs from the HDB Gallery was the room where prospective HDB residents come to find a flat. Large, flat screen TV’s were mounted in a row in front of a large waiting room. The TV’s were showing lists of availability for the different New Towns on a loop. The screens were black with colored writing. On them were prices, availability according to ethnicity, and much more that we could not decipher. Periodically numbers were called over the loud speaker. The entire scene resembled something in between an RMV and a departure gate at an airport. Throughout the waiting room were more scale models of housing buildings. Each model was a specific design of a single HDB building and its surrounding area. Each model building was surrounded by green space. Even the tops of every parking garage had parks. Everything in this lobby was methodical. As we stood in the room together and looked down at the model houses and listened to the families’ numbers being called and I couldn’t help but feel that their lives had already been planned for them.


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