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There and back: Making the Singapore journey

As I lay comfortably on my family’s living room couch enjoying my time alone, I think back to my travels to and from Singapore. On May 22nd I caught a plane from Newark to Tokyo then from Tokyo to Singapore. When I arrived on my own in Singapore at around 12:30am I had to find […]

Sustainability of a city

After 10 days in Singapore, I become appreciate about the beauty of the city planning of Singapore. Singapore is definitely a “garden city”. From the airport to University town, the trees planted on three sides of the road that created a natural bridge surprised me. The Ficus Microcarpas along the road help to block the […]

Readjusting to Central Pennsylvania

I never really thought that reverse culture shock could be a thing, until now. Instead of going right back to Pittsburgh, I am spending the next week and a half in my hometown of Grantville, Pennsylvania, population 3,500 where there are probably more cows and chickens than people: This is certainly not Singapore or Kuala […]

Urban Greenery in Singapore

At the last day of the IFTA program, I spent an hour in One-North, where the creative clusters located. My personal research topic is the creative industries in Singapore. So I think I should go to the creative cluster in Singapore before I left. One North is the 200-hectare area around Buona Vista, which includes […]

Urban Spectacle at Marina Bay

As a graduate student on the IFTA, I am conducting some of my own research here in Singapore. I am interested in a comparative waterfront redevelopment study, looking at the ways in which Marina Bay and London’s Canary Wharf compare and contrast and some of the theories behind waterfront redevelopment. Since I spent some time […]

Narratives of the National Museum

Yesterday, we continued our “official rhetoric” tour of Singapore by visiting the National Museum. Once we arrived at the National Museum and were handed our audio guides, which only reminded me of how technology forward Singapore is- so much so that I would have been completely lost in the exhibition without my audio guide, we […]

The Singaporean

  The Chinese often believe that the land around them shapes human beings. After these few days in Singapore, I have truly believed in this norm. According to my friend, people in Singapore are not allowed to pick up any bag from the street and hand it to anyone. Still, she has forgotten her phone […]