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New pictures added!

There are now several new pictures added that show the 2014 IFTA participants in action whilst conducting research in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur: Advertisements

White Team PowerPoint: Exploring Globalization and Westernization in 4 Neighborhoods

Below is a link to the White Team’s PowerPoint of which we used at our final research presentation to show some pictures and videos of the influence of globalization on a more visible Western identity in 4 neighborhoods: Chow Kit and Kampung Baru in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Little India and Geylang Serai in Singapore. […]

Sustainability of a city

After 10 days in Singapore, I become appreciate about the beauty of the city planning of Singapore. Singapore is definitely a “garden city”. From the airport to University town, the trees planted on three sides of the road that created a natural bridge surprised me. The Ficus Microcarpas along the road help to block the […]

Globalization and Westernization in Singapore’s Little India & Geylang Serai

On Friday, we entered Little India to examine the ways in which globalization has enhanced the visibility of a more Western identity in Singapore and Malaysia. We took the MRT to the Little India station and started our walk from Buffalo Road to explore how this area is autonomous and how it is impacted by […]

Globalization influences in hotel industries

One day before to the IFTA program officially started, I have stayed in the Marina Bay Sands for one night. This blog post is showing my experiences with Sands in two different cities: Singapore and Macau. Before comparing these two hotels, based on my consumption experience; the historical background that affect on these two cities […]

Urban Spectacle at Marina Bay

As a graduate student on the IFTA, I am conducting some of my own research here in Singapore. I am interested in a comparative waterfront redevelopment study, looking at the ways in which Marina Bay and London’s Canary Wharf compare and contrast and some of the theories behind waterfront redevelopment. Since I spent some time […]

Psychogeography in Little India: Looking for Alternative Narratives of Singapore

For a psychogeography exercise the White Team chose to go to one of our assigned neighborhoods: Little India. We chose Little India because we thought there would be visible signs of the subaltern or that which goes against Singapore’s narratives and social norms. Through our visits to the Urban Redevelopment City Gallery and the National […]