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HDB Gallery

Today we visited the headquarters of the HDB. We first went downstairs to the HDB Gallery. The HDB Gallery was an exhibit displaying the amenities of Sinapore’s public housing system. We each had our own reaction to the museum of Singapore’s public housing but it was not the most memorable part for me. Upstairs from […]

First Morning at NUS

Today we met with two professors, Jamie Gillen and Tim Bunnell, at NUS for our first morning in Singapore.  Jamie has been teaching at NUS for the past few years but he has also taught at Miami of Ohio and Auburn University. His comparisons between his experiences teaching in the US compared to his time […]

Globalization influences in hotel industries

One day before to the IFTA program officially started, I have stayed in the Marina Bay Sands for one night. This blog post is showing my experiences with Sands in two different cities: Singapore and Macau. Before comparing these two hotels, based on my consumption experience; the historical background that affect on these two cities […]

Getting Our Feet Tickled by Fish

Today, seven of the eight of us decided to do something unusual: go to the Fish Spa. We were out and about along some of Singapore’s biggest shopping districts (Bugis Junction, Bugis Village, and Orchard Road) and Dr. Glass knew of a place where we could get the dead skin on our feet chewed off […]

Shopping Experiences in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore

Yesterday, I went to Orchard road with my Singaporean friend, Windy. She is studying fashion design at Raffle Design Institute. She took me to Orchard road from Dhoby Gahut. While I was walking on the street I was actually comparing the experience in Singapore to my experience with Bin tang Street in Kuala Lumpur. Both […]

Monkeying Around at the Batu Caves

The Batu Caves, a Hindu temple that is famous for large, golden Murugan statue, scenic cave temple location, and one of the most famous tourist spots in Malaysia. The Batu Caves are less known for its bustling monkey population. Macaques scamper up and down the steps inches away from people, living harmoniously with the tourist […]

A Visit to a Malaysian Doctor

On Thursday we visited Badan Warisan Malaysia, a non-governmental organization focused on the preservation and conservation of Malaysia’s heritage. At Badan Warisan Malaysia we toured a traditional Malay house. Although I greatly enjoyed learning about the history of this Malaysian house, I did not enjoy the Mosquitoes. I ended up getting large Mosquito bites on […]