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New pictures added!

There are now several new pictures added that show the 2014 IFTA participants in action whilst conducting research in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur: Advertisements

There and back: Making the Singapore journey

As I lay comfortably on my family’s living room couch enjoying my time alone, I think back to my travels to and from Singapore. On May 22nd I caught a plane from Newark to Tokyo then from Tokyo to Singapore. When I arrived on my own in Singapore at around 12:30am I had to find […]

Saturday in Bishan

On Saturday June 7th, we had a free day to do whatever we pleased.  I took a few hours to visit the neighborhood of Bishan, which is the neighborhood of a vlogger whom I studied for my research paper on youth mobility in Singapore.  Bonny and I arrived in the neighborhood around 4PM.  The weather reached […]

Of Mangoes and Much More: Reflecting on the IFTA 2014

A week ago the 2014 IFTA to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur came to a close. Yet, I can firmly say that the memories from our two week visit to both nations will last for years to come. It seemed like a dream: I could have blinked and I would have totally missed my experience as […]

White Team PowerPoint: Exploring Globalization and Westernization in 4 Neighborhoods

Below is a link to the White Team’s PowerPoint of which we used at our final research presentation to show some pictures and videos of the influence of globalization on a more visible Western identity in 4 neighborhoods: Chow Kit and Kampung Baru in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Little India and Geylang Serai in Singapore. […]

Sustainability of a city

After 10 days in Singapore, I become appreciate about the beauty of the city planning of Singapore. Singapore is definitely a “garden city”. From the airport to University town, the trees planted on three sides of the road that created a natural bridge surprised me. The Ficus Microcarpas along the road help to block the […]

Readjusting to Central Pennsylvania

I never really thought that reverse culture shock could be a thing, until now. Instead of going right back to Pittsburgh, I am spending the next week and a half in my hometown of Grantville, Pennsylvania, population 3,500 where there are probably more cows and chickens than people: This is certainly not Singapore or Kuala […]